Happenstance pp140-141
1st Feb 2018, 10:04 AM
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malford edit delete reply
Rhetorical knots? Hardly.
Stephen Frug edit delete reply
Stephen Frug
Malford: I just saw your range of comments, and want to thank you for reading & engaging. I won't respond, save to say that, A, all four main characters in the novel have different viewpoints, and B) the novel is about the ways in which the two central characters *change* their viewpoints — in different directions, and C) there are a lot of viewpoints not represented! (The book was already 444pp long...). All of which is to try to respect your disagreement, and thank you for bringing it into my project of letting these (shifting) views speak to, against, beside, with and past each other. Your voice adds to that mix; thank you for adding it.
malford edit delete reply
Let me add that this work of yours is very engaging.