Happenstance pp12-13
22nd Jun 2017, 9:57 AM
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Author Notes:
Stephen Frug edit delete
Stephen Frug
I forgot to post this when I put up this page, but I should mention that the image in panel 6 of page 12 is adapted from the cover of American Phrenology Journal, March 1848 (out of copyright, obviously).
User comments:
plymayer edit delete reply
Amazing comic.

I am learning a lot.

Those with prosopagnosia must learn to adapt like blind folk. A blind person must have to try and find something unique to remember you by. Same would apply here except for the ignorance of those being met.
Adina S (Guest) edit delete reply
I love this so far!
...(RockB) edit delete reply
Reminds me: Once a classmate of mine stopped his motorbike beside me and said something, a weird joke or so, AFAIR without greeting me, which would have been worked if I had recognized him, but he was wearing a full helmet and (even/just) with the ventail(?) open, I had no idea who he was. So I made a face like being like 'why are you speaking to me like that, random stranger?'

Later on I realized that if you don't know who someone is who's speaking to you at that moment, it removes a big chunk of context that you normally have. Adding some difficulties & and awkwardness, for sure.

But one thing I don't get here: What's the last panel for?

Anyway, looks like the meeting is going pretty well for Paul.