Happenstance pp54-55
4th Sep 2017, 9:18 AM
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malford edit delete reply
He really is making some heavy statements here, whether he realizes it or not.
Felix (Guest) edit delete reply
Not really, or maybe not as much as you may think. This actually underlies the difference between what are known as Ethnic Religions and Universalizing Religions.

Judaism is a very much an Ethnic Religion in that you are a Jew and as such you are religiously Jewish. Those two just go together because they are part of the identity. Though with that said the reality of the secular Jew is very much a real thing and is the largest single religious identification group in Israel or even in the US.

And it took the 20th century and thinkers that came with the time to really show this way is possible.
malford edit delete reply
In decades of Christian ministry, in thousands of conversation with thousands of people from all walks of life, I have found that most people are more interested in the intricacies of their cell phone plan or their retirement accounts than the intricacies of where they will spend eternity.
So to see such a substantial conversation portrayed here was very rewarding.