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24th Jun 2019, 10:44 AM
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Author Notes:
Stephen Frug edit delete
Stephen Frug
Kickstarter for a print edition of Happenstance open now!

The kickstarter is going quite well. If you'd like to read this work in print — the way it was written to be read — please go here
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User comments:
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"Sufficiently mushy theological liberals that they may as well be [atheists]." Wow. That's some genuine conservative Christian judgment right there. This hits REALLY close to home as an ex-Christian queer person.

That's pretty much how many people saw me until it pushed me to give up on Christians and later Christianity. I was never able to believe everyone who was different deserved to go to hell, and spoke up too often in church. At some point I had to ask myself, "If God were real, why would he allow his followers to be so horrible in his name?"
Stephen Frug edit delete reply
Stephen Frug
In my experience, some people who move from fairly conservative in their religious views to atheism still hold a lot of the peripheral views, e.g. that what they've abandoned is the only real version & that liberals aren't for real. Obviously this reflects Chris's personal journey as a (now) atheist lesbian who was (until recently) an evangelical.

As always: none of the characters speak for me; and they mostly all disagree. e.g., Alex is not able to speak for herself by this point in the story, but I'm sure she would disagree with Chris here!

Thanks for reading!