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18th May 2017, 2:47 PM
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Stephen Frug edit delete
Stephen Frug
A print edition of HAPPENSTANCE is now available! You can order a copy here: https://stephenfrug.com/shop/

Update: It is now also available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578542536?tag=charity48-20
User comments:
Lisa Liel (Guest) edit delete reply
See, if you'd made Paul Reform or Conservative, it might have worked. But no Orthodox Jew in the world is this ignorant. Or this indoctrinated in the Christian idea that anyone requires "saving".
Stephen Frug edit delete reply
Stephen Frug
If you find the character unconvincing, well, that's your judgment to make; I am sorry the story didn't work for you. I am curious in what way you think Paul is ignorant, however. And I will note that if prior indoctrination in the notion of being saved was required for conversion to Christianity, then no one would ever convert which people (even Orthodox Jews!) have obviously done. (By the by, Paul specifically denies that he's orthodox.)

Finally, as a general matter, I would note that this novel has two main characters (and two secondary ones), and that it is meant to be read as a whole — that is, with the stories in conversation (and contrast) with each other.